My ’15 Minute’ Meal

Jamie Oliver's 15 Minute MealsAs much as I love Jamie Oliver, his extraordinary food knowledge and talent and new Italian restaurant in Perth (just quietly, AHHHMAZING), Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals CANNOT BE MADE IN FIFTEEN MINUTES. I know, I have tried. And Failed. Three times.

I received the recipe book for Christmas last year but so far I have only cooked three meals from it. The first time I cooked Green Tea Salmon with Coconut Rice and was fairly happy with the time it took to make – only 25 minutes. The second time I made the Crispy parma pork with minted courgettes and it also took around 25 minutes from start to finish. Not bad, you may say, for a recipe that’s meant to take just 15 minutes.

Last Saturday however it took me nearly 15 minutes alone to cut up the vegetables. Continue reading