Dear Optus


Dear Optus

Where to even begin? Your customer service over the last 4 or so months has been appalling, to say the least. I’ve tried calling four separate times (which includes being on hold for over 4 hours), to have a simple, RECURRING billing issue fixed. But to no avail.

However. Last night I visited your store at Westfield Carousel and all it took was a simple 5 minute phone call by the Optus rep to have this uncomplicated, frustrating issue fixed. The customer service of this man was outstanding, his demeanour polite (he even APOLOGISED on behalf of Optus that the issue was not rectified months ago. A GENUINE APOLOGY! UNHEARD of for a telco rep!) and his frustration at his own employer’s lack of action, efficiency and common-sense obvious.

So thank you. Thank you, not to you Optus, but to the guy at Optus Carousel with spikey black hair, wearing glasses and black t-shirt ,who served me last night (29 January 2015) at about 7pm. I wish I knew your name so I could personally thank you again and give you the credit you deserve.

Yours sincerely,

A loyal, unwavering, formerly frustrated and most recently, thankful, Optus customer for over 5 years.

P.S. I, along with many others I’m sure, think it’s pretty amusing (and somewhat inappropriate) for a telecommunications company to have an (in store) tagline reading ‘The Amazing’ anything (e.g.‘The Amazing Optus Network’). No. Nup. Nope. You are not amazing (and neither is your network with your lack of coverage in metro areas). You are a telco. Get real. Get honest. And get your shit together. Maybe if you had more staff like the man mentioned above, then we – the valuable customers, the reason for your existence – could decide if you can really be amazing.

2014 in review

2014 was a crazy, busy year, but I managed to blog about once a month, which I’m very pleased about!

The main reason for the existence of Delights and Dismays is for me to share some of my loves and loathes for the reading pleasure of others. In addition, being that I work in the field of marketing and communications, it also exists as a platform for me to provide samples of my writing style – which I hope people enjoy!

WordPress has prepared a 2014 annual report for my little blog, which I’d love to share.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 2,500 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 42 trips to carry that many people.

There were 60 pictures uploaded, taking up a total of 33 MB. That’s about a picture per week.

The busiest day of the year was December 2nd with 173 views. The most popular post that day was Go-To Skin Care review.

Click here to see the complete report.

Thanks to all who read and enjoyed Delights and Dismays in 2014!


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Introducing Apron Creations!

My mum Julie has just launched her business Apron Creations, unique aprons crafted with love, handmade in Perth, Western Australia.

Launching just in time for Christmas, these gorgeous aprons make the perfect Christmas gift for the bakers and cooks in your life!

Ladies Aprons

Christmas Aprons

Apron Creations started out as a craft project, with my mum Julie designing and making aprons as unique gifts for friends and family.  After gifting aprons to a few of my friends for their 21st birthdays, other friends commented on how gorgeous they were and started putting in requests for aprons of their own. By then, mum had noticed a gap in the market for adorable, unique, eye-catching aprons, and so Apron Creations was founded.

There are a range of ladies and children’s aprons available for sale, priced at $35 and $20 respectively (not including postage). Delivery in the Perth metro area can also be arranged for Christmas.

You can view and purchase these beautiful aprons at For more information, please email Julie at


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Go-To Skin Care review

Go To skin care

Back in April I purchased a few products from the newly launched Go-To Skin Care range by Aussie beauty expert Zoe Foster-Blake (you can read about this here). Since then I have purchased the rest of the items (the Swipeys and the Exceptionoil) in the very affordable, basic range and as I’d promised to review the products, I thought I might as well do it be before the year comes to an end. So here goes, my review of Go-To – happy reading!

Lips!: Go-To Lips! is THE ultimate lip balm. If you read one piece of advice today make it this: get online and buy this go to product for you makeup bags, stat! Everything about this lip balm is perfect – from its smell, texture and consistency, to the sheen it gives the lips when wearing it alone and the moisturisation (is that even a word?) it provides when wearing as a base/primer under lipstick. It’s also only $14.95, so go crazy and buy one for your handbag, makeup bag, gym bag and bum bag (jokes, obviously. Unless you own one, in which case, go for it!). One small thing though… Be very careful when you near the end of the tube! If you squeeze it too hard get every last bit out (because it’s SO GOOD that you can’t waste any) the tube tends to spilt on the sides and the lip balm may seep out* (I overcame this by storing the lip balm in a snap-lock bag in my handbag and used what I didn’t need on my lips as a cuticle balm). Overall I love, love, LOVE this lip balm and I’m just about to place a new order of this beauty for myself and to give as Christmas gifts to some of my (very lucky) girlfriends!

*This is might have only happened to me as maybe I tried bit too forcefully to get out every last drop while waiting for my new shipment of the stuff to arrive!

Exfoliating Swipeys:
I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with this product. Love: because the tingly, exfoliating feeling on the skin is sensational – it’s like you can really feel the AHAs working into the skin, scrubbing away the impurities and leaving your face feeling soft, smooth and supple. Also, there are 50 individual pads in the pot (which is $45.95), so really do last for ages – nearly two months if you’re using them every second day as recommended. Hate: because I want to use the Swipeys ALL THE TIME, but you can only use one every second day as you’ll risk over exfoliating and damaging the skin (Zoe, if you’re reading this – as much as I’ve wanted too, I promise I haven’t over exfoliated!) Overall? I would absolutely buy again as I genuinely look forward to (and possibly get excited about) my Swipeys exfoliating days!

Properly Clean: LOVE. Most cleansers I’ve tried in the past, whether they are foams, gels or cream cleansers are just too harsh for my skin and leave my face very ‘tight’ and dry. I have come across a few nice ‘Department store’ cleansers that I’ve liked and have been good for my skin but I haven’t absolutely loved them so couldn’t justify their large price tag. But alas, I’ve finally found my go to cleanser! Properly Clean is only $29.95 and is without a doubt the BEST cleanser I have ever used on my skin (which is probably best described as ‘combination’ – some parts oily, some parts dry). If I’m wearing makeup, my usual routine is to remove my eye and lip make up with some Cetaphil cleanser and warm water, then pump out 1 – 2 pumps of Property Clean and massage into my skin, which leaves it feeling fresh and soft. If I’m feeling particularly dirty (e.g. have been exercising or wearing a lot of makeup), I might do two rounds of the cleanser to get rid of the excess sweat/makeup, and it still doesn’t dry out my skin. While the Properly Clean would probably remove eye makeup without stinging/burning the eyes, using Cetaphil as an eye makeup remover works for me, so I think I’ll keep with this step.

Very Useful Face Cream: I like the theory of this face cream (all the good stuff it contains, no skin baddies like parabens or sulphates, its subtle, natural smell and price of only $39.95), but for me it just wasn’t quite right. I didn’t love its consistency as it tended to ‘slid’ off my skin rather than sink in and its texture had an unusual ‘squeaky’ feeling. I think this is pretty common with such a natural product, but for this reason I didn’t find it the best under my primer or makeup. However, that’s not to say it’s not a great moisturiser – I still loved using it on my décolletage and as a hand cream, so for those of you keen on trying the Go-To range, I would recommend giving it a go.

Exceptionoil: What an exceptional, versatile, beautiful product – use it as a hand cream, body cream, eye cream, face serum, illuminator (mix a drop with foundation for an ultimate glow), cuticle balm, hair oil, bath oil… the list could go on. And at only $49.95, the do-it-all Exceptionoil is exceptional value. The smell is glorious to, so fresh  and summery – my boyfriend says it reminds him of childhood holiday’s to the tropical Cook Islands where his mother’s family hails from, so even he, a tradie and typical boys-boy, loves using it.

Overall I would (and have) purchased 4 out the 5 Go-To products again and will continue to use them as long as they work for my skin! Thank you to Zoe Foster-Blake for tapping into her years of beauty knowledge to create such a marvellous range of go to skin care – my only hope is that there are more products in the works (a tinted moisturiser with SPF 30+ and an eye cream would be fab, thanks Zoe!)


For more information about Go-To skin care, go to:

Facebook: Go-To Skin Care
Instagram: @gotoskincare
Twitter: @GoToSkincare

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Stop the body shaming!

Recently Melbourne lifestyle blogger/mother/model Rebecca Judd has been the subject of media criticism and attacks on her appearance, mainly her body shape.

Thankfully Bec has decided to speak out about this issue, which is in fact not about her appearance, but about body shaming and bullying. As a high profile, female public figure who started her career as a model (an industry with the prerequisite of… a slender body type), Bec Judd is well qualified to provide her opinion on this. You can read Bec’s response to the media’s criticism of her body, on her website here.

Bec Judd at 32 weeks pregnant, pictured with her sister. Image via instagram (becjudd).

Bec Judd at 32 weeks pregnant, pictured with her sister. Image via instagram (becjudd).

I too am a naturally slim girl and I am so sick of WOMEN body shaming other WOMEN about their body shapes, in particularly us skinny girls. Why is it ‘ok’ for people to say to us ‘Oh why are you so skinny? You need to put on some weight’ – when it would never, ever be ok or acceptable for us skinny girls to say to an overweight person: ‘Oh, look how big/overweight you are, you need to lose some of that weight!’ ?? The answer is simply that IT’S NOT OK  – it is a type of bulying and it’s not nice. As women we need to step up and stop judging, body shaming and bullying other women because the only thing it achieves is making us feel crap about ourselves and that’s not ok!

The Daily Mail, the main instigator of the criticism against Bec Judd, is a trashy, tabloid publication that can barely be classified as a news source. But in saying that, as a media organisation they have a lot of influence on how people form opinions on the world, in particularly body image. The Daily Mail, as a media organisation has a social responsibility – when are they going to realise the opinions they perpetuate and the body shaming and bullying they participate in is not acceptable?  When they finally ‘get it’, perhaps they can look at providing their journalists (in particularly their female journalists) with some quality training so that they are able to identify and report on ACTUAL news in the future.

Thanks to Bec Judd for commenting on this issue – let’s all band together to STOP the body shaming.


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DT have met JT!!

Our dream to meet Justin Timberlake turned into reality when we met the man himself at Perth Arena on Wednesday 8 October! It was an incredible, amazing experience and truly something we will never forget!

  photo 2   photo 1


Justin is very sweet and humble (and obviously very cute!) and he genuinely cares for his fans. We let him know that he has so much support from his 36 million Twitter followers, (including you truly dedicated TNKids) and he was so grateful to hear this. He also said he had heard about our campaign to meet him and that our matching outfits were cool (“Oh you guys are matching, that is so cool!”) – we were really ecstatic he said this! He was very happy to pose for a photo with us and for us to give him a hug – Tara went in for the hug straight away but Dominique politely shook his hand and then asked if it was ok to hug him, to which he replied ‘Of course!’

Thank you to everyone who supported our campaign and provided feedback to us about it and the open letter we wrote to Justin. Thanks especially to those of you on Twitter who connected with us and supported the campaign from the start – you know who you are!

To everyone out there dreaming of meeting Justin, we hope your dream comes true one day too!

Dominique and Tara,
DTwillmeetJT (or should we say DThavemetJT!)

An open letter to Justin Timberlake


Two Aussie girls, some really bad dance moves and a great big dream to meet you…

Dear Justin,

We have a crush on you. We’ve got that Tunnel Vision for you and want you to know this isn’t just a Summer Love. You are our King of Pop JT, and we really, REALLY wanted to meet you but were saddened we couldn’t buy tickets for a ‘meet and greet’. So we decided to write you a letter in the hope that through this wiz-bang internet thing, it will somehow reach you and want to meet us, too!

‘We’ are Dominique & Tara, TNKids from sunny Perth, Western Australia, the most isolated capital city in the world. We are every day, 20-something Aussie girls – Tara works in beauty, Dominique in marketing – but Justin, we think what might make you say Damn Girl about us is that when we first met, we bonded over our love for your music, together with our inability to dance. It might seem a bit illogical, but we found Mirrors of ourselves in one another, both so in love with your music, yet both so uncoordinated that we make such fools of ourselves when we dance to your songs. But, as bad of dancer-singers we may be, we figure It’s not a Bad Thing, because as our love for you and your music has always been the basis of our strong friendship and we have you to thank for that!

Justin, we hope that on the off chance you read this, you might want to hop into your Spaceship Coupe and meet us too (there’s room for three, not only two!), so this is dedicated to you; the key eras of our JT fan history:

  • We were both only 5 years old when NSYNC formed in 1996 and as kids of the 90’s/early 2000’s we grew up with this hit music. We loved all NSYNC boys, but we were always Crazy for You.
  • At age 11 in 2002, Justified was the first CD album we both ever bought. Rock your Body was definitely up there as one of Tara’s favourites, but Senorita was Dominique’s ultimate hit – she always wore her hot pink Supre Senorita singlet when listening to the album.
  • In 2008 we attended your Future Sex/Love Sound show at Burswood Dome in Perth. It was the best concert experience of our lives because Tara swears; hand on heart that you winked to her during the show. Yep, she’s That Girl the one you winked to all those years ago! Dominique thinks you were probably just squinting at us with disbelief that two people could be so uncoordinated, yet so engrossed in your music, but we Let the Groove Get In and we hope we made you proud!
  • At aged 18 in 2009, Dominique was kicked out of her first ever nightclub for ‘breaking it down’ with some signature dance moves to SexyBack. She has not been back to that nightclub since.
  • Now, in 2014 we regularly bond over our love for you with Saturday night wine evenings featuring only your music, fine wine and our signature dance moves. But, no matter how much wine, we can’t Drink You Away and we still can’t dance.
  • And lastly, a few weeks ago Dominique celebrated her birthday at a nightclub in Perth. We requested your songs all night; breaking it down, thinking we looked like Sexy Ladies with our signature dance moves. If you saw, you might have thought ‘that girl is Murder‘ing my song with her moves, but guess what Justin?! That night, our awful moves didn’t even get us kicked out!

So that just about wraps us up. We will be going to your 20/20 Experience World Tour at Perth Arena on Wednesday, October 8 and have bought VIP standing tickets that give us access to the front of the stage, but seeing you in your Suit and Tie on stage just isn’t enough for these two #TNKids!

So, what do you think My Love, Justin Randall Timberlake? Is there a chance you would like to meet us, these two LovedStoned Aussie girls with the really bad dance moves, when you Take Back the Night on October 8 at Perth Arena?!

Love from your Pusher Love Girls, biggest Perth fans (and probably Perth’s worst dancers) Until The End Of Time,

Dominique and Tara


Twitter: @DTwillmeetJT