I can’t wait to try Go-To Skin Care

I love getting deliveries to work! Especially on Monday’s and especially when it’s my new @gotoskincare by @zotheysay.


I am super excited to try this new range of skin care products by Aussie beauty expert Zöe Foster Blake.

Zoe knows her stuff – she has been in the beauty industry for 10 years (including as the beauty editor of Cosmopolitan magazine) and has quite simply taken the fuss and confusion out of skin care. Her range doesn’t contain any nasty ingredients that are bad for the skin (think parabens, petrochemicals, sulfates etc.) and they absolutely do not contain palm oil.

Created in Australia and made in New Zealand, the simple, local range includes 5 products:

  • Lips! – a super balm to restore lips
  • Properly Clean – a cleanser which actually does what it says
  • Very Useful Face Cream – a hydrating and lightweight daily moisturiser
  • Exfoliating Swipeys – single use exfoliating facial pads; and
  • Exceptionoil – the ‘holy grail’ of products,  a multi-purpose body oil-balm.

I have only purchased three of the five – the Lips!, Properly Clean and Very Useful Face Cream (pictured) and I will be starting my new skincare regime tonight. I’ll be sure to do a review of these babies in a few weeks to share how I really feel (and how my skin really feels) about them. So far I’m loving the smell, the packaging was beautiful and the customer service was outstanding for an online business.

For more information about Go-To skincare, go to:
Website: www.got-toskincare.com
Facebook: Go-To Skin Care
Instagram: @gotoskincare
Twitter: @GoToSkincare

Stay tuned for my review,



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