Oh the audacity!

I just had to share something somewhat amusing and a bit surprising that happened to me on Friday night.

I was at the Twilight Hawkers Markets in Perth* with my boyfriend
and we were wandering around Forrest Chase after buying some food. It was really busy so there weren’t places to sit, but as family right next to us was getting up to leave, I said to my boyfriend let’s sit here.

JUST as we were about to sit down (as in I had put my bag on the floor and was bending down to sit on the seat) three people probably in their 40s, rushed past us and sat down on ‘our’ seats and saved the other three seats, presumably for some friends that were to come. They laughed and continued on with their convo, acting like they hadn’t even seen us.

I was totally gobsmacked, but the worst thing about it was as we were walking off (we were too shocked to even confront them) we realised that they hadn’t even saved the other three seats for friends – they were using them as a table for their food!

I just wanted to share this little experience as I’m sure others have been in situations like this! While it’s certainly not the worst thing that could of happened and I did have a laugh about it, it is surprising to experience firsthand the selfishness of some people.

*As a side note, the Twilight Hawkers Markets in Perth is a truly brilliant feast of tasty international street food – You can read more about the markets here.

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