Super Easy Easter Cupcakes

I baked these yummo chocolate cupcakes for my family Easter dinner last night and decorated them with chocolate frosting and Cadbury speckled mini eggs.

20140418-145838.jpgSo what’s the recipe? I’m not going to lie… these cupcakes were actually a packet mix! The ‘recipe’ was White Wings Chocolate Cupcakes and it was so simple and quick to make. The cupcakes tasted fab (very moist and chocolaty) and I personally think they tasted authentically homemade. They were a big hit with all the family, especially with my two little cousins, aged 8 and 9.

Sometimes I think it’s fine to take shortcuts in your baking and in this case, this White Wings packet mix was a perfect shortcut for my busy Easter weekend!

2 thoughts on “Super Easy Easter Cupcakes

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