Dear Optus


Dear Optus

Where to even begin? Your customer service over the last 4 or so months has been appalling, to say the least. I’ve tried calling four separate times (which includes being on hold for over 4 hours), to have a simple, RECURRING billing issue fixed. But to no avail.

However. Last night I visited your store at Westfield Carousel and all it took was a simple 5 minute phone call by the Optus rep to have this uncomplicated, frustrating issue fixed. The customer service of this man was outstanding, his demeanour polite (he even APOLOGISED on behalf of Optus that the issue was not rectified months ago. A GENUINE APOLOGY! UNHEARD of for a telco rep!) and his frustration at his own employer’s lack of action, efficiency and common-sense obvious.

So thank you. Thank you, not to you Optus, but to the guy at Optus Carousel with spikey black hair, wearing glasses and black t-shirt ,who served me last night (29 January 2015) at about 7pm. I wish I knew your name so I could personally thank you again and give you the credit you deserve.

Yours sincerely,

A loyal, unwavering, formerly frustrated and most recently, thankful, Optus customer for over 5 years.

P.S. I, along with many others I’m sure, think it’s pretty amusing (and somewhat inappropriate) for a telecommunications company to have an (in store) tagline reading ‘The Amazing’ anything (e.g.‘The Amazing Optus Network’). No. Nup. Nope. You are not amazing (and neither is your network with your lack of coverage in metro areas). You are a telco. Get real. Get honest. And get your shit together. Maybe if you had more staff like the man mentioned above, then we – the valuable customers, the reason for your existence – could decide if you can really be amazing.

Stop the body shaming!

Recently Melbourne lifestyle blogger/mother/model Rebecca Judd has been the subject of media criticism and attacks on her appearance, mainly her body shape.

Thankfully Bec has decided to speak out about this issue, which is in fact not about her appearance, but about body shaming and bullying. As a high profile, female public figure who started her career as a model (an industry with the prerequisite of… a slender body type), Bec Judd is well qualified to provide her opinion on this. You can read Bec’s response to the media’s criticism of her body, on her website here.

Bec Judd at 32 weeks pregnant, pictured with her sister. Image via instagram (becjudd).

Bec Judd at 32 weeks pregnant, pictured with her sister. Image via instagram (becjudd).

I too am a naturally slim girl and I am so sick of WOMEN body shaming other WOMEN about their body shapes, in particularly us skinny girls. Why is it ‘ok’ for people to say to us ‘Oh why are you so skinny? You need to put on some weight’ – when it would never, ever be ok or acceptable for us skinny girls to say to an overweight person: ‘Oh, look how big/overweight you are, you need to lose some of that weight!’ ?? The answer is simply that IT’S NOT OK  – it is a type of bulying and it’s not nice. As women we need to step up and stop judging, body shaming and bullying other women because the only thing it achieves is making us feel crap about ourselves and that’s not ok!

The Daily Mail, the main instigator of the criticism against Bec Judd, is a trashy, tabloid publication that can barely be classified as a news source. But in saying that, as a media organisation they have a lot of influence on how people form opinions on the world, in particularly body image. The Daily Mail, as a media organisation has a social responsibility – when are they going to realise the opinions they perpetuate and the body shaming and bullying they participate in is not acceptable?  When they finally ‘get it’, perhaps they can look at providing their journalists (in particularly their female journalists) with some quality training so that they are able to identify and report on ACTUAL news in the future.

Thanks to Bec Judd for commenting on this issue – let’s all band together to STOP the body shaming.


♥ ♥ ♥

Frank Body and Hello Hair

Frank Body hello Hair

A few months ago I came across these two products on my Instagram newsfeed – I clicked on the associated accounts and people were raving about them. Of course I had to try them, so I ordered them on the spot (this wiz bang internet shopping thing is just fab, isn’t it?!) and patiently waited for my goodies to arrive. I’ve since tried out both products and have written the below review – happy reading!

Frank body coffee scrub:

Frank Body

This brand is gaining huge momentum on social media, in particularly on Instagram where Frank has over 369,000 followers (@Frank_Bod). With is fab branding whereby ‘Frank’ the coffee scrub narrates in first person (‘Hey babe, I’m Frank coffee scrub’) and clever and suggestive wording (the tagline is ‘Get naked. Get dirty. Get rough. Get clean.’ and hash tags such as #getfranked) I just had to jump on board and try it out. That, and the fact I love coffee so couldn’t pass up the opportunity to rub coffee into my skin.

This exfoliating coffee scrub (made mainly from coffee, brown sugar, sea salt and sweet almond oil) claims to target dry skin, cellulite, stretchmarks and other skin perfections. I have definitely found that since using Frank, my dry skin is extremely hydrated and soft for days without the need to apply a body moisturiser. While I haven’t been using it long enough to claim it has reduced other skin imperfections, others have and with amazing results .The Frank Feedback instagram (@FrankFeedback) shows many people using Frank to target and reduce cellulite, eczema, psoriasis and scars, have had exceptional results.

Coffee is a stimulate (DUH, it’s what makes early morning bearable) but when applied topically to the skin, the caffeine can also stimulate blood-flow and circulation – which may help to reduce cellulite. The other ingredients in Frank (mainly oils, salts, vitamins and minerals) also have great skin benefits so the combination of these and the coffee makes a really powerful, highly effective body exfoliator.

A warning though, using Frank is messy – the ‘Get dirty’ in the tagline is there for a reason – the shower/bath will get dirty, but shouldn’t stain if washed off straight away. But it is so fun rubbing this coffee mix into the body! I now look forward to receiving and extra caffeine fix through my bi-weekly scrub day.

At $14.95 per 200gram pack, Frank is relatively inexpensive, but you could also probably make your own coffee scrub at home as the ingredients can mostly be found in the kitchen. However, I loved this product so much (and quite ‘frankly’, don’t have time to make my own) that I will continue to purchase Frank – a big thumbs up for this product and I can’t wait to try the new Coconut with grapeseed scrub.

Hello Hair hydrating treatment.

Hello Hair

I loved the amazing coconut scent of Hello Hair so much that I wanted to squeeze the product straight out of the tube and into my mouth.. It smelt like a sweet, ripe ready-to drink-from coconut thanks to high proportion of coconut oil in the ingredients (which incidentally is now my new favourite bath and cooking oil, thanks to its amazing health benefits, which you can read about here).

However, apart from its glorious smell (and price of only $15 per pack – so under $4 per treatment), I was not a fan of Hello Hair at all. It left my hair very, very oily and greasy (rather than ‘hydrated, repaired and revitalised’) which is a mean feat considering my hair is normally very dry and unruly. I applied this treatment at night and after shampooing, conditioning and blow drying, my hair felt soother, but certainly greasy and very wet-looking. I didn’t think much of it, but when I woke up the next morning, my hair was so greasy it stuck to my scalp and I felt dirty – I had to shampoo my hair another three times to remove the product completely. My hair was soft after this, but I’m not sure if from the product or the copious amount of shampoo and touch of conditioner I used to remove it.

Now, it is highly possible that I used to much of this oil-based hair treatment (which also contains Argan and Almond oil, among other oils) so a few weeks later I tried out Hello Hair again to give it the benefit of the doubt. This time I used less product – my hair is long and quite dry, but I only used 2 squirts this time, last time I used about four. This time around my hair was not as greasy from the mid-lengths to ends; however the roots were still quite oily. I still have a bit of product left, so I will use it up, but I think next time I will only apply to the roots. Though the instructions say to apply from roots to ends, I don’t think this is for me.

Another downside to Hello Hair was the packaging. It was kind of awkward to use – you squeeze out the product you need and coat your hair with it, but then if you need more, your hands are covered in the greasy goop, making it hard to pick up the packet (without it slipping out your hands) and squeeze more out of the small opening. First world problem I know, but I did struggle with this!

While I was in aww of the scent, and liked the idea of the product and its branding, I don’t think I will be buying Hello Hair again.

I’d love to hear other people’s opinions of both Frank Body and Hello Hair, so please leave me a comment if you have used these products before.


♥ ♥ ♥

My ’15 Minute’ Meal

Jamie Oliver's 15 Minute MealsAs much as I love Jamie Oliver, his extraordinary food knowledge and talent and new Italian restaurant in Perth (just quietly, AHHHMAZING), Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals CANNOT BE MADE IN FIFTEEN MINUTES. I know, I have tried. And Failed. Three times.

I received the recipe book for Christmas last year but so far I have only cooked three meals from it. The first time I cooked Green Tea Salmon with Coconut Rice and was fairly happy with the time it took to make – only 25 minutes. The second time I made the Crispy parma pork with minted courgettes and it also took around 25 minutes from start to finish. Not bad, you may say, for a recipe that’s meant to take just 15 minutes.

Last Saturday however it took me nearly 15 minutes alone to cut up the vegetables. Continue reading